Update, 11.24.2014 posted 11/25/2014 - 13:05

The Ayahuasca Health Guide has now been updated to Version 0.4, following a wealth of excellent feedback. More changes are to come - some of the suggestions recently made by commenters couldn't fit into Version 0.4, but will be worked into Version 0.5, which will be available in January. Version 0.5 will include a major new section where ayahuasca is explained in relation to indigenous concepts of health and wellbeing, using native teachers' own words, thanks to popular demand for material of this kind.

I will explain the changes made to create Version 0.4 of the Health Guide in a moment, but first a note on process: The current public consultation period will be ending on December the 3rd. But because there are still many good discussions happening about what should and shouldn't be included in the Health Guide it is clear that consensus hasn't been reached yet, so public consultations will begin again in January, using Version 0.5 (as mentioned above). January should also be especially interesting as ICEERS are launching their Hippocratic Oath for Psychoactive Plant Medicine Practitioners, and we'll be running the two consultation periods in parallel. Between December the 3rd and early January the Ayahuasca Health Guide website will remain up, and it will still be possible to make comments by downloading the Health Guide PDF and sending your feedback to ayahealthguide [at]

So, the changes included in Version 0.4 include:
• Some major revisions to the Women's Safety and Resources section, following feedback on the language used. More changes will be included in Version 0.5.
• A full re-write of the section on the importance of knowing the rules of the ceremony.
• New information on the ratio of helpers to participants.
• More information on assisting the integration process of participants experiencing complex psychological or spiritual situations.
• Several changes to language to aid clarity.
• A couple of typos have been fixed.

A huge thank you to everyone for taking the time to read the document and for making such thoughtful comments. We look forward to sharing the new version of the Health Guide with you in January!